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Dr. Ashley Belcher, Psy.D.

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Doctor Dr. Ashley Belcher joined Pediatric Psychological Associates in 2017 as a Post-Doctoral Fellow. She recently completed her Pre-Doctoral Internship at WellSpan Health in York, Pennsylvania where she gained valuable experience in the integrated primary care setting as well as community mental health. She successfully worked with numerous parents, children and teens experiencing a variety of presenting problems including depression, anxiety, adjustment issues, behavioral problems and coping with health related conditions. Dr. Belcher received specific training in health psychology, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and motivational interviewing as it applies to parents and children accepting change and moving forward in reaching their goals. Dr. Belcher enjoys working with the family system in creating a positive environment for growth. From an early age, Dr. Belcher developed a strong passion for helping children achieve their potential and believes with the right tools and support that all children have this capability.

Dr. Belcher dedicates herself to collaborating with parents and understanding how problems arise within the context of each unique situation. She finds that the integration of CBT, interpersonal therapy, play therapy and emotional regulation tools to be effective and helpful in promoting change. Dr. Belcher’s special interests are in facilitating healthy attachment and relationships within the family as well as working with children and families adjusting to life stressors including chronic or acute health related challenges. Additionally, she enjoys treating children and teens with anxiety and mood disorders and assisting parents in managing symptoms within the home through strategic parenting techniques.

Dr. Belcher moved from West Virginia to Louisville to attend Spalding University where she completed her Master’s and Doctorate degrees in clinical psychology. She has worked in multiple settings within the Louisville community and surrounding area including Our Lady of Peace Hospital, West Clark Schools in Indiana and the Louisville Archdiocese. She received a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Marshall University, also gaining valuable experience with teens in a psychiatric inpatient hospital in Huntington, West Virginia.

Throughout her education and training Dr. Belcher feels that watching her clients’ quality of life, self-esteem and overall daily functioning improve has been tremendously rewarding. This has steadied her pursuit of working with families and children and solidified her belief in the resilience of the human spirit.

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